Body Composition Analysis

Our services at a glance - Vital Body Scan NZ provides New Zealand and Australiawith in Body Composition Analysis. We offer individual client scans, mobile scanning, leasing, hire and sales of machinery.

Appointments available in Auckland including our Penrose Office, Albany, Ellerslie, Glenfield, Glen Eden and Mount Eden. We can also be found in Kerikeri , Taupo, Taumaranui and Turangi. 

First established in 2015, our mission is to help you track your health and fitness goals in the most accurate way possible. 

We use a number of trusted medically graded Body Composition Analysers to provide you with Vital data that is needed to correctly monitor and track your progress.

Our analysers use direct segmental, multi-frequency, bio-electrical impedance analysis.   This means each individual can be accurately assessed on their own body composition of the trunk, arms, and legs of their body.  This then provides an incredibly accurate, repeatable analysis of the overall body composition and health status.

Additionally, the technology has been scientifically verified to be 98% as accurate as a DEXA scan ( dual-energy X-Ray absorptiometry) without any exposure to radiation and providing more comprehensive, unique data at an affordable price. The technology is currently used in gyms, health centres and hospitals world wide.

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