DJ is really down to earth, he made my partner and myself feel really confident and he gave some great advice, he has a wealth of knowledge, I highly recommended that you get a scan its a real eye opener. - Ben Wickens January 2020

DJ and team make this process so easy to understand. Fast, efficient and reliable. Love this team! - Yasmin Gray January 2020

Very knowledgeable people - super friendly and explain your results in great details! Thanks so much :) - Anita January 2020

Highly recommend Vital body Scan to anyone who is wanting to learn more about their body and help define their own personal fitness goals.
The scan is non-invasive but the most accurate way to find out all the relevant information you need!! 
Emily Ann Bolton - Personal Trainer 

Fabulous team at Vital Body Scan - thanks so much for visiting and providing us with the opportunity to experience the Body Scan - it was very cool to receive so much information…cannot wait for the next one to see how much we have all improved xx, Makaia Lee Carr - Public Figure

I had a Vital Body Scan NZ - Mobile Body Composition Analysis scan done to give me the most accurate break down of my body. In less than one minute it gives such accurate results down to much muscle and fat is in each limb! After 8 weeks off minimal exercise I was nervous to see the results but everything is well within the "normal" range so that was a nice surprise! Simone Anderson - Simones Journey to Health 

Last week I met with DJ and Tash from Vital Body Scan NZ - Mobile Body Composition Analysis where they talked me through the scanning process and the body composition analysis. It only took a couple of minutes and was completely non-invasive. I learnt so much about my current physical health and was thrilled that the results were better than expected! One thing I learnt is not to judge a number on a scale and compare that number to your health. Rather than focusing on what we weigh, we could focus on setting goals to reduce body fat % for example. The body composition analysis gives you in depth information from the amount of muscle per kg per area of the body to protein levels and minerals in the body. You will receive an interpretation guide along with your results analysis and DJ will walk you through through the whole process and break down the results for you. Best of all they are mobile and also visit a bunch of different gyms around Auckland. Not to mention they are pretty cool peeps too! - Amy Eka Fat Girl Diaries Public Figure

Great way to get to know more about your own body composition, and what to improve and work more on. Highly recommended!! Bjorn - Crossfit Waitakere

Thanks DJ and Tash, your knowledge and positive friendly attitude was great. I highly recommend anyone that is on this kind of journey to see you guys as it takes all the guess work out and gives you real time useful information. Thanks again" - Andrew Koolan "Flea" F45 Auckland CBD Member

So fascinating to see where you're at & how you can take your health & fitness up a level. Sunniva C Holt - Public Figure

Been a regular customer. I highly recommend especially to those who are serious in tracking their progress - Jopet 

So great and motivating to do! Gives you so much more important info about your body!! - Anna Marie-Olive Condon

Excellent analysis, what I need to understand my body & set my goals. Joy Hooker Fitness HQ Albany Member

Had a vital body scan done yesturday at lesmills thanks to #vitalbodyscannz ,can't recommend these guys enough if your serious about tracking your progress or just interested in your body composition... You can't always believe your scales at home,their is such a huge variation and degree of error when measuring body fat % in cheap devices. My fitbit scales had my bf at 18.9% compared with 9.7% on the body scan! Goodbye fitbit scales! Jax-Les Mills Howick Member

This is an amazing service. I learnt a lot about my body and what I need to do to improve my training to get maximum benefits and what to target next!!Sharyn Newman

It makes such a difference- last time I'd only lost around a 1kg but in reality I'd lost 4.6kg of fat and exchanged most of it for muscle!  Such a motivator! Sacha Lockey - F45 Auckland City Member

Had my body scan yesterday and it's helped me so much! After losing a heap of weight and now maintaining I was struggling to see the positives in my body. The scan has helped me immensely know that I'm pretty healthy! Thanks guys  Lisa Ison

A really great tool for keeping track of your progress! It shows you more than just how much body fat and muscle you have. It shows whether you have any left/right imbalance in your arms and legs. It also shows if there is any upper/lower body imbalance. So, it knows if you've been skipping leg days. Pang Zheng Yeo - YMCA Personal Trainer

A really great tool for keeping track of your progress! It shows you more than just how much body fat and muscle you have. It shows whether you have any left/right imbalance in your arms and legs. It also shows if there is any upper/lower body imbalance. So, it knows if you've been skipping leg days.eout their amazing state of the art body scanner.  I've only ever done body fat/skin fold tests at the gym or with a PT, using calipers.  This scan gave me the most comprehensive body composition information that I've ever had. The focus is not just on body fat percentages but rather your entire body and information like muscle mass, bone density, balance, protein, hip to waist ratio and a fitness test.  I would recommend this for anyone wanting to learn about their body composition in order to make some attainable goals towards building a stronger, fitter and more amazing you! Leila Cocker - BFIT Mums Bootcamp Instructor

Having a Vital Body Scan is an incredible tool for anyone on a health journey and it comes with an affordable price tag. I was so going to pike out yesterday, with everything that I have going on with my health at the moment, but I am actually thrilled that I came along. You have given me an accurate benchmark to work on, the next 3 weeks are going to a roller coaster, then the following 3 - I will start reclaiming my life and focusing on my journey back to toning what I have and working towards my ultimate goal. Thank you for making me feel comfortable and welcome yesterday, it is such a simple process made even more simpler yourselves. I look forward to catching up in 6 weeks time. Tracey Little

Fantastic tool for understanding your body and where you are at. So friendly and helpful, answered so many questions and explained what all the results meant really well, thanks so much guys, can't wait for my next one! talk about a bit of motivation, comparing numbers that actually matter, not just what the scales say. Laura Staps