6th November 2017

With the NZ Fitness & Health Expo NZ Fitness Model Search last weekend and seeing everyone's journeys on social media. I thought it was a great time to reflect on my own journey of years, not just the last few weeks leading to the expo.

It all came from a decision that I wanted to be healthy for my wife and children. To be able to run, play and more importantly be around for as long as possible for them. It has been amazing to see not only the changes in myself but how I live my life positively affects my family.

This has been the groundbreaking thing for me to see the healthy life they also lead and that for me is my biggest win!

In the lead up to competing it is important to remember that whenever dieting to reduce body fat you can wonder whether you are losing muscle mass during the process, especially if strength is coming down. Luckily using Vital Body Scans during my comp prep I was able to see that I was maintaining muscle (lowered glycogen stores) while steadily reducing body fat.

This was reassuring for me knowing my hard work was also smart work.  - Deej Barclay