Open scanning sessions - We are proudly partnered with a number of gyms in the Auckland Region who are now offering our extensive body composition analysis to their members.  Whether you have just started training, are preparing for a competition or embarking on a 6-12 week challenge, a Vital Body Scan test is for you. All sessions are open to members of the public and do not require a booking.  Check out our Facebook page for upcoming locations.  Alternative if you would like to see us at your own gym, please contact us directly.

Corporate Groups - Are you running a corporate challenge or concerned about workplace wellness? We can run a session for employees within your own office at a time and date to suit.  We also have a number of partnered companies who can offer their services in regards to a Fitness and Nutrition Plan, this will compliment any corporate challenge.

Bootcamps and Transformation Challenges - By utilising the Vital Body Scan within a challenge your clients will be receiving a fast, less intrusive, accurate and more affordable way of tracking their results.  We can scan approximately 30 people per hour and have a number of different options available.  Please contact us for more details.

Profit Share and Partnered Business Opportunities - We have various ways that the Vital Body Scan can be utilised within your business to help boost profits and showcase your facility to potential new members. Alternatively, if you would like to purchase your own Vital Body Scan machine, please contact us for pricing.

Email us and ask how.


Only socks and shoes need to be removed and the analysis itself only takes approximately 45 seconds.  You then receive your own personal A4 printout, followed immediately with an interpretation of your individual results with a Vital Body Scan Representative.  

Rebook in 6-8 weeks’ time to see what changes you have made.   You also get your own unique Body Composition ID so that you can track your results.