Mobile Body Composition Analysis

Vital Body Scan NZ provides the Auckland Region with the latest technology in Body Composition Analysis.

Our mission is to help you track your health and fitness goals in the most accurate way possible.

We do this by using patented medically graded analysers that provide you with Vital information that is needed to correctly monitor and track your progress.

Our analysers are different to commonly used testing devices available in New Zealand as it does not utilise estimations and averages instead it uses patented direct, segmental, multi frequency, bio-electrical impedance analysis. 

This means each individual can be accurately assessed on their own body composition of the trunk, arms and legs of their body. This then provides an incredibly accurate, repeatable analysis of the overall body composition and health status.

Additionally this technology has been scientifically verified to be 98.4% as accurate as a DEXA scan ( dual-energy X-Ray absorptiometry) with out any exposure to radiation and providing more comprehensive and unique data. 

Standard bathroom scales can only provide you with your total body weight.  In the example shown below we can see what this womans weight is made up of.  Muscle/BodyFat/Water & Much more. 

Our Body Composition Analysis can accurately provide the following information -

  •        Muscle mass in KG
  •        Body Fat in KG and as a percentage
  •        Muscular imbalances
  •        Basal Metabolic rate
  •        Weight management guidance
  •        Nutritional Evaluation & much more

$45 for a comprehensive report on your Body Composition, an explanation of your results and an interpretation guide to take home with you.


Upcoming Scanning Locations Jan/Feb 2018 - Please like our Facebook page for regular updates and check ins

  • Saturday 6th January 7.30am-9am Warkworth Crossfit
  • Monday 15th January 5pm-7pm YMCA North Shore
  • Tuesday 16th January 5pm-7pm Next Gen Parnell
  • Wednesday 17th January 5pm-7pm Anytime Hobsonville
  • Monday 22nd January 5pm-7pm Anytime Fitness Whangaparaoa
  • Wednesday 24th January F45 Tamaki 6.00pm-7.30pm
  • Thursday 25th January F45 Newmarket 6am-8am
  • Thursday 25th Jan 5pm-7pm F45 City
  • Friday 26th Jan 6am-8am F45 Auckland City
  • Tuesday 30th Jan 5pm-7pm F45 Newmarket
  • Wednesday 31st January F45 Karaka
  • Saturday 3rd February 9am-11amFitness HQ
  • Friday 7th February 5.30pm-7.30pm Crossfit Waitakere
  • Sunday 11th February 3.30pm Ming Fit Bodies
  • Monday 12th February 5pm-7pm Fit360 Mangatawhiri
  • Tuesday 13th February 5pm-7pm Fit360 Drury